Baby monitors
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Baby monitors

The baby monitor, or video baby monitor, is an example of how the development of digital communication technologies makes everyday life easier. The pace of life of modern parents is too dynamic and often does not allow spending time non-stop near the child, and for such cases a video baby monitor comes to the rescue. Buying such a device for yourself or for a gift means finding a compromise and convenient solution. By choosing and installing a baby monitor, parents will always be aware of what is happening in the nursery and not worry about the safety of the child.

Before buying a baby monitor in Ukraine, you should figure out what this type of device is. Unlike the already familiar baby monitors, which are analog, all baby monitors are digital devices that transmit high quality audio and video signals. Today, stores offer audio monitors for every taste and wallet, with different functionality, but the general principle of the video baby monitor remains unchanged and is due to the design of the digital device.
What a baby monitor is made of

Children's block

Equipped with a camera and microphone, the baby unit should always be close to the baby. Parents can allocate a special place for this part of the baby monitor or move it depending on where the baby is spending time. When choosing the location of the baby unit, you need to take into account the characteristics of the baby monitor camera:

  • viewing angle,
  • turning,
  • the ability to connect multiple cameras,
  • the presence of a "night mode" for monitoring the child in the dark.

When properly installed, parents will be able to see the crib and the surrounding area in full, and observe the baby in real time. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the right baby monitor in the online store, but also to install the device in such a way as to get maximum control. High-quality video communication is especially important at a time when the baby does not make noise and behaves quietly, for example, playing, because even in such cases it is necessary to understand that the child is safe.

Parent block

As you can imagine, this is the part of the baby monitor that parents use to monitor their child. The parent unit is equipped with a monitor that allows you to see the baby and quickly respond to his crying or screaming. If you first study the reviews on the baby monitor, it will become clear that one of the important functions is two-way communication. This means that the parent unit of the baby monitor has a microphone, and you can not only hear the child, but also talk to him. Thus, even being at a distance, the parent will be able to calm down the crying baby, who, when he woke up, did not find him nearby, or sing his favorite lullaby to the baby. After all, it is known that the voices of the closest people soothe and have a positive effect on children.

A video baby monitor in Ukraine is an indispensable electronic assistant, thanks to which you can maintain visual control over your child, even when the parents are in another room. And in order to make the use of the gadget as convenient as possible, you need to choose the most suitable option for yourself. The main parameters that should be taken into account when choosing a baby monitor are the range, type of power supply and battery life, as well as the availability of additional functions, the cost of the baby monitor, and, of course, the form factor.

What to look for before buying a baby monitor

Power type and operating time

In most models, the baby monitor is powered only from the mains, which means that it must be located taking into account the distance from the outlet. On the other hand, the parent unit can be powered from the mains or from the battery, and the battery life can be a decisive factor in choosing.

The battery-powered parent unit can be carried around the house and the surrounding area (of course, if the range of the device allows). However, it can look different: like a compact tablet, smartphone or monitor with control buttons. There are even more interesting options - for example, models in the form of wristwatches from the company's own brand "DOLYA AND CO. LTD" PiccoloGufo. This gives parents a special freedom of movement, because it is impossible to forget about the baby monitor if she is constantly worn on her hand.

Range of action

The average range of the baby monitor, which the manufacturers indicate, is from 200 to 400 m in open areas, provided there is a direct line of sight between the parent and baby units. The real range fluctuates within a few tens of meters, because walls, electrical appliances, floors that are between the blocks affect this parameter. Therefore, before you buy a nanny video, you need to consider what is the total area of ​​the house or apartment, where the children's room is located and how far away.


Additional functions

The basic function of the baby monitor is to provide video surveillance, audio and video signal transmission from the baby unit to the parent unit. Additional options affect the retail price of the baby monitor, so they expand the functionality and make the device comfortable to use:

  • two-way communication for talking with the child;
  • the ability to connect to a TV or computer;
  • additional sensors - movement, temperature and humidity in the room;
  • adjustment of image parameters, "night mode";
  • built-in lullabies for the baby;
  • voice and video recording function;
  • saving video and audio data to the device memory.

These functions allow you to better control the situation, to know every minute what is happening with the child, and to retain memories of the moments when the parents are not present in the room with the baby. At the same time, the price of a baby monitor directly depends on the functionality of the device. It is impossible to buy a video baby monitor in Kiev without examining the assortment, and our store allows you to do this.

The company "DOLYA AND CO. LTD" offers baby monitors Motorola and Kodak - its official partners. We supply only original and certified products that are safe for both adults and children, and the range of prices for baby monitors in Ukraine allows you to choose a device for any budget. In addition, PiccoloGufo own brand PiccoloGufo line includes five models of baby monitors, each with its own characteristics and differences. We provide warranty and post-warranty service, diagnostics and repair of our products, combined with a high level of service.