Oil and gas industry

Oil and gas industry

Mobile Radio Communication Systems for Oil and Gas Companies

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Trunked radio system for covering the communication needs of companies in oil and gas recovery, processing and transportation

The oil and gas industry has a special need for control, which is dictated by its complex technological processes and numerous remote facilities distributed over a large area. It requires a well-run communication system between different departments and in-field workers. Oil seeps are usually located at considerable distances from each other, so mobile radio communication system is the only option for reliable and fast communication.


Professional radio communications provide everything that oil and gas industry needs


  • Reliable communications in harsh environment.
  • A flexible and scalable radio network that can be integrated with other communication systems.
  • Dispatch system that supports numerous subscriber groups which can connect with each other.
  • Instant connection with PTT button for quick communication without waiting for a response. 
  • Long distance communication between fixed and mobile infrastructure objects.


Through professional radio communication system oil and gas facilities workers can connect with each other even in harsh environmental conditions when other communicative means are unavailable. In oil and gas industry well-established communications network uses not only to connect groups of workers, but it is also a matter of control of the operations, and personnel safety, especially in remote areas. Mindful that the industry importance for the country's economy is difficult to overestimate, to build a digital trunking TETRA communication system is the best option.


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