Hotel and Restaurant Business

Hotel and Restaurant Business

Instant Radio Communication in HoReCa as Way to Lift Customer Service Up

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Well-timed communication is an essential part of the workflow in business areas with direct dependence on client interaction and customer service. It makes the staff more effective, and allows the manager to switch quickly between business processes, distribute tasks, and control their execution to have a complete grasp of what is happening during the work shift.

In the hotel and restaurant business, staff communication is a direct way to improve customer service. HoReCa is a highly competitive field in which only quality customer service motivates clients to return. Using radios is the easiest and most affordable way to ensure staff communication.


Why radios and not cell phones?


  • Affordable communication

Hotel and restaurant staff make many short voice calls during the shift. Using a mobile in this case is more expensive than using a radio.


  • Instant connectivity

The most valuable thing in the field of service is timeliness and expediency: it is necessary to give the client what he wants, and do it in time. No need to call and wait for your opponent to answer saves precious time.


  • Long distance

The professional radio network is scalable, so you can use it in any area, ranging from a restaurant to a country hotel, and have reliable means of communication in any case.


A radio network allows to always stay in touch and be available to connect with a lot of subscribers. It's cheaper than using a mobile network and more accessible than the Internet: employees don't have to constantly check for new notifications. An instant connection with PTT function leaves no chance of not being heard.


As an official representative and platinum provider of Motorola Solutions and other professional radio manufacturers, DOLYA & CO. LTD supplies telecommunications solutions from the best companies to Ukraine. We design professional radio communication systems for various industries, including HoReCa, because is a core component of successful business.