Construction of Professional Radio Communication Systems

Construction of Professional Radio Communication Systems

Fully integration of specialized tactical and operational radio communication systems including design, construction, configuration, and maintenance

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DOLYA & CO. LTD company integrates complex telecommunication solutions produced by the world’s leading manufacturers of radio equipment. We have 30 years of experience and a well-established project base that guarantees quality, compliance with communications standards, and customer requirements in various industries.

Construction of Telecommunications System in Four Stages


  1. Audit and customer needs analysis
  2. Design and assistance in obtaining permits
  3. Construction of the communication system according to the project
  4. Radio system support and maintenance


System Integration of Communication Networks


  • Fully operable and ready to use professional radio communications system.
  • Construction completion document and an act of readiness of the object for initiation into service.
  • Original radio equipment provided by leading manufacturers and authorized distributor.
  • Favorable terms of warranty and post-warranty service from specialists of DOLYA & CO. LTD.
  • Staff trained to service new equipment according to the internal radio communication regulations.



Audit and Consulting


An initial audit and consultation of the customer are necessary to get an idea of the future project and define the task complex that the communication system will solve. We select the best technical solutions from industry leaders that ensure a stable and functional communication system remains relevant for decades.


A qualitatively conducted audit helps to identify possible weaknesses and avoid them in the project development. It helps to build a modern, reliable and predictable radio communication system that maximally meets the customer goals and expectations.





The telecommunication system in Ukraine is an object of capital construction, which is designed and built under legislative state standards. According to the rules, we design the radio communication systems in two stages: pre-project works and working draft view.


Predesign work


  • Customer needs analysis to determine the technical requirements and assignment for design.
  • The comparison of communication systems and selecting the communication standard (DMR, TETRA, P25, etc.) best meets the customer's objectives.
  • Preparation of feasibility study of project implementation including cost calculation of the project, radio communication system construction, equipment, and operation.
  • A preliminary estimate of the total installed cost and comparison of the communication equipment cost of different manufacturers (if it is possible). At this stage, the customer can choose a manufacturer based on the price of the equipment and other criteria.


Working draft 


  • Development of a design estimate documentation.
  • Project expertise, if necessary.
  • Support in getting radio frequency resource of Ukraine license and permissions to operate radio equipment.
  • Development of the internal radio communication regulations, which regulate the order of cooperation of еру user groups, and depends on the organizational chart. This optimizes the use of the radio communications system and facilitates the putting it into operation.
  • Preparation and approval of an implementation model of the telecommunications system, with consideration to the durability and resilience of the equipment during its life cycle.



Project Implementation


DOLYA & CO. LTD has the necessary certificates and licenses to provide services as a general designer, general, or subcontractor and carry out technical or author's supervision.




  • Final paperwork audit.
  • Project implementation plan development.
  • Determination of timelines for each stage of work.


Initial tests


  • Equipment and communication devices order from manufacturers.
  • Factory tests operation according to pre-designed methods.
  • Assembling, configuring, and checking the correct equipment operation after delivery in the testing center of DOLYA & CO. LTD.
  • Equipment delivery to the customer for installation on site.


Equipment assembly and installation


  • Erection of steel constructions for equipment placement.
  • Structures construction and arrangement for technological equipment.
  • Installation of power and grounding systems: electrical panels, power supplies, cabling.
  • Installation and mounting of the antenna-feeder circuit.


Commissioning works


  • Equipment commutation and configuring of the equipment and communication devices.
  • Software installation.
  • Communication system and software testing.


Acceptance tests


  • Tests procedure according to the program.
  • End of tests technical report.


Obtaining permits


  • Support in obtaining a license for the use of radiofrequency resources of Ukraine in specified frequencies.
  • Documents delivery for permission to radio equipment operation.


Commissioning of radio equipment


  • Communication system construction due to its service model.
  • Development of operation documentation includes a design specification of the communication system and recommendations for use.
  • Initiation of internal radio communication regulations and assistance to the staff with adaptation.


Training of the staff


  • Training of the staff and end customers according to the service model.
  • Technical support of our own certified training center.



Communications System Maintenance


DOLYA & CO. LTD supports the radio communication system during its lifetime. We develop an individual maintenance plan for each customer to provide the best service according to his needs, taking into account the communications system features and class. Our goal is to maintain the communications system's operability and stability, supply its timely repairs and upgrades with saving scalability.




  • Customized maintenance plan.
  • Remote monitoring and early diagnosis.
  • Timely equipment replacement.
  • On-site repair crews for field service.
  • Scheduled radio system upgrades.
  • Scaling of existing infrastructure.


Modern diagnostic equipment and experienced engineers in the DOLYA & CO. LTD service center guarantee a high level of service and performance of any types of repairs and obligations to our customers.

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